Friday, February 1, 2008


I don't know about anyone else but i'm getting seriously annoyed with the endless and pointless 'news' stories on Pete Doherty. The poor guy can't turn on the tap without it being covered by several hundred newspapers.
It's pathetic.
The most recent story is because of this picture -


It was posted on some dodgy celebrity gossip site, Perez Hilton. And now there are stories all over the place talking about Doherty's "Gay scandal". Including one at nine msn news who I thought were a little more reputable.

The thing that really annoys me about this is no one seems to be doing their research.

For starters these photos were taken way back in 2004 by rock photographer Andrew Kendall and the full series can be found here at his site.

And the man he's kissing who most sources are labelling as 'unknown' or 'unidentified' is actually Peter Wolfe (aka Wolfman), one of Pete's best mates who co wrote 'For Lovers' with him. It wouldn't take much time to figure this out. Just a few well worded searches in google and you'd get all the information you need. It's really not that difficult.

okay i'll stop ranting now. It's just frustrating is all...