Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Crunch

Just watched the new Kasabian film clip for Vlad The Impaler

It stars Noel Fielding and is directed by Richard Ayoade. Brilliant.

losing my head to hollywood

I am a huge Patrick Wolf fan. Have been for quite some time now. His first three albums are just magic in my opinion but I've been listening to his latest single, Vulture and i'm not sure that I really dig it so much...
I don't know, it's just so different and usually I love when artists mix it up a bit and do something they've never done before but I just don't know with this. It could still grow on me but for now i'm just not loving it.
I have hope that Vulture won't neccesarily be representitive of the rest of the album but even if it is I can't bring myself to dismiss it just yet. It's Patrick afterall and he hasn't let me down yet...
I know I just sound like a whinging fan but... actually no buts that pretty much is what i'm doing...
*le sigh*
Still can't wait to hear The Bachelor in it's entirety.

For anyone interesting in checking out the clip for Vulture...

go right ahead.