Sunday, May 10, 2009

slapped by that slapper

Anyone who knows me knows that Peter Doherty is something of a god to me so thank goodness he never fails to disappoint. The amazingly beautiful solo album Grace/Wastelands came out this year and to be honest he surprised me with just how good it is. To be fair a lot of the songs have been kicking around for quite some time but who cares when they're as brilliant as they are. There's no real reason for this post. Simply the fact that i was watching the clip for last of the english roses on the tube and decided to share it on here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sell Out or Get Out (?)

I'll never understand how bands with such promise can fail so drastically. I remember way back in 2004 when this incredible new band hit the scene. They were quirky, they had energy. They were what i'd been waiting for. The excitment was uncontainable. They were The Killers back in the days of Hot Fuss. Still one of the great debut albums of our time.
Unfortunatly their music has since been on a gradual decline. The once great group are now nothing more then pretencious wank. It pains me to even think about what they could have been.
I know it may seem controversial to have such opinions on these popular giants of the music world but pass me the shot gun, these working ponies have gone lame.

*apologies for the rant but one of their new and impossibly dull tracks just came on the radio and I felt the need to comment*