Wednesday, June 10, 2009


At the moment I am feeling something akin to a bad mother. Don't get me wrong I'm not actually a mother I have no children and no desire for them at this point in my life but I've been neglecting to listen to music as much as I normally would in the past few months. This is mostly because I've moved in with my boyfriend and don't have quite as much free/alone time as I use to. Not that I'm complaining I'm loving the change it's just that I need to get back in touch with the songs and artists I've been without.
In order to begin to do this I've started to rebuild my relationship with my ipod. Already I'm beginning to feel better and more like myself. My favourite playlist (Dirty Shambled Libs) is once again receiving the attention it deserves. Things will be back as they should in no time.

also... if anyone's wondering about the title of my blog (a babyshambles track) it's only reasoning is because I'm using my F**K FOREVER canvas bag today. Which I adore by the way. And in a completely unrelated tangent, I'm also wearing my Maximo Park shirt which I'd sort of forgotten I owned...